Stay in a Kyo-Machiya,

and immerse yourself in Kyoto’s rich history and culture.

About Kyoyadoya

Renovated Kyo-Machiya by Hachise

KyoYadoya is the trademark of Kyo-Machiyas renovated by Hachise that are operated as lodging facilities. Since 2009, Hachise has renovated 25 Kyo-Machiyas around Kyoto city that are currently operated by three different companies.
(*Not all of the facilities under the operating companies are from KyoYadoya)

Each of the Kyo-Machiya under the KyoYadoya group has its own unique concept and Japanese color theme, and are mostly within walking distance to the world heritage sites. With capacities from 4 to 10 people, you and your family & friends can fully immerse in Kyoto’s history and culture from top to bottom.

If you are considering owning a Kyo-Machiya in the future, staying in these Kyo-Machiyas offer you the quickest and most authentic way to experience how it’s like to live in a Kyo-Machiya renovated by Hachise.

Help preserve a piece of Kyoto’s history

Despite the historical and cultural values behind these traditional Japanese townhouses, more and more Kyo-Machiyas are being torn down each year due to aged deterioration for the use of hotels or apartments.

At the same time, many are trying preserve these Kyo-Machiyas through renovation and turning them into new residents, shops, or lodging facilities such as KyoYadoya. Staying in a Kyo-Machiya is also a way of supporting the preservation of these historical treasures. You can help keep the beauty of Kyoto city everlasting.

Stay with a trusted brand

All Kyo-Machiyas under the KyoYadoya group are renovated by Hachise, a local real estate company that was found in 1956 and focuses on Kyo-Machiyas in recent years. Learn more about Hachise.

Since 2001, Hachise has produced more than 400 renovated Kyo-Machiyas, and has been awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with the “Innovative House Reform Providers” award in 2014. Also, total of 28 Kyo-Machiya facilities under the same brand is one of the most within Kyoto city.

Want to stay longer?

Monthly Vacation Rental "KyoTreat"

We also offer monthly Kyo-Machiya lodges “KyoTreat” that are operated directly by Hachise. Looking for a deeper and more authentic Kyoto experience? Learn more about “KyoTreat”.