A Stay at Rinpa Imagine Your Stay

Like a flower blooming in the chill,
soft light and brilliant colors
rise up out of the dimness.
The artistry of Japan is present here,
brightening the space
as a part of the design in each room.
Indulge in experiencing this piece of art
at a distance close enough to touch.

tsubo-niwa garden

The luxury of experiencing nature indoors

An inner courtyard garden has been built within the house, one of the traditions of the Kyoto machiya.
This kind of "tsubo-niwa" garden is shallow in breadth, and provides all-important light and a sense of the seasons within the Kyoto machiya, many of which lack exterior gardens.
The House of Rinpa has reinterpreted the "tsubo-niwa" garden, creating a tiny Japanese landscape garden in the first floor hall. With the gentle murmur of its flowing water, you'll feel at peace, as though you were amongst nature.

Nishiki Market

Just around the corner from Kyoto's kitchen

Even amongst Japanese cuisines, Kyoto's gourmet culture is particularly refined. Just nearby the house, you'll find Nishiki Market, which supplies ingredients for many traditional Japanese restaurants and household cooking.
When you've found a flavor you like, you can take it home from the market to enjoy at your leisure in the house. Our concierge can also provide Japanese-language guidance and suggest shops, so please feel free to inquire with us.

Heian Jingu Shrine
Hosomi Museum

Enjoy a Kyoto-style trip, here in the heart of Japan's traditional arts

Kyoto is at the heart of Japan's traditional arts, beginning with Japanese painting and calligraphy. The city is also home to many art and design universities, and is active with many young artists. The Okazaki area near the house is popular with many craftspeople, and in its Hosomi Museum you'll find a great many examples of Rinpa artwork.

Enter the bustle of the city, for a taste of the Kyoto-ites's mouth-watering soul food

The Shijo area in which the House of Rinpa is located, is the fashionable center of the city, and one of its most lively locations. Shijo is popular not only with tourists, but with Kyoto residents who come to the area night after night for its multitude of attractive restaurants and bars. From memorable luxury restaurants, to izakaya bars beloved by locals, your choices are endless. If you inform our concierge of your preferences, we can suggest dining locations and make reservations. Enjoy a night when you, too, are a resident of Kyoto.

A glimmer reflected in your glass

Savor both drink and conversation within your own private environment, graced with artwork. Forget the clock, and enjoy time with your loved one, with choice Kyoto-based sake brands and other quality drinks. The advance of the Kyoto evening is sure to become a special memory.

A rejuvenating space all to yourself

The Towada (natural stone) with which the bathtub is made appears to tint the water a beautiful blue, a color that reflects gently on the skin. The edge of the tub is fitted with cypress wood, to give bathers the gentle fragrance of the forest. With the entire home to yourself, you can luxuriate in this kind of relaxation to your heart's content.

For a little while, get away from the ordinary

The stairs that separate the two floors lead to a magical space. Beyond the stairs entwined with black bamboo, and the atrium hung with great paper lanterns, you'll find another world. In contrast to the first floor, which recreates the vitality of an elegant natural world, the second floor represents an oriental space of the mind.

A night of tranquility

Two bedrooms are available on the second floor. One is wrapped in the white of Japanese paper, reminiscent of a cloud, while the other is an elegant space alight with Kyo-yuzen dyeing. Relax before bed with quality speakers or perhaps the scent of high grade incense. Finally, enjoy a wonderful night's sleep atop fine bedding.

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